The Songwriting Show

The Songwriting Show is a fast-paced, interactive musical program that provides elementary school students with the tricks to immediately start writing songs!

Danny Tieger (songwriter and author of "I am Your Songwriting Journal) begins the 45-minute workshop with the basics of what makes a great song (including theme, song-structure & storytelling).  The students make dozens of suggestions that shape and change the music in real time. The show culminates with a brand new song written by the audience. 

The show, largely improvised to suit the energy and age of the audience, can be tailored to fit large groups of 100 or more students as well as small intimate groups of as few as 10. 

Danny will bring a few copies of his book, "I Am Your Songwriting Journal" which teachers can keep in their classrooms and use as a tool to continue their songwriting exploration!

A little more about Danny:
Danny Tieger is an Actor, Songwriter, Author, and member of the Story Pirates. He has been hired to write songs for NASA, Disney, and Dreamworks Tv. His music has been placed in over a hundred different TV shows and movies. For the last year, Danny toured the country in the first national tour of Matilda the Musical, playing a Michael Wormwood, Matilda's Brother.