The Story Pirates have been providing school programs since their founding in 2004, and now visit over 400 schools across the country each year.  School programs range from a single assembly to a year-long program that involves performances, workshops, books, professional development, and more! Which level is right for your school?

Level 1:  Greatest Hits Assembly

Our most popular assembly!

The Greatest Hits Show is a sketch comedy musical based on stories written by kids from around the country, plus a story that’s entirely improvised according to suggestions from kids in the audience. The cast brings along a colorful set, props, costumes, a piano, and six Story Pirates books for the school library, as well as resources for classroom teachers.

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Level 2: New Story Show

What if the Story Pirates walked on stage and announced that the next story was written by…. YOU?

The New Story Show includes brand new stories written by young authors in the audience! Students write their stories in advance, and the Story Pirates transform them into fully-produced sketch comedy and musical theater, in a big assembly for the entire school. The show also includes stories from across the country, as well as a story created on the spot by the audience. This program includes one book per classroom.

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Level 3:  Idea Storm

Two visits to your school!

The Story Pirates visit your school twice, first with an assembly inspiring students to write their own stories, then returning several weeks later to perform their work in a New Story Show. Every student who writes a story receives a personal, handwritten note (we call it Story Love) that encourages them to keep writing!

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Level 4: Play/Write Residency

The Story Pirates visit your classrooms and your auditorium!

This in-depth residency combines a series of in-class writing workshops with all-school assemblies.  Our experienced instructors teach a variety of writing skills, guiding students to write their own original, detailed stories. Finally, the entire school watches several of these stories come to life on stage. Every student walks away from the program with a personal note, and their own copy of a Story Pirates book, to help inspire them for years to come.

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Level 5: Year-Long Pirate Takeover

Imagine if the Story Pirates visited your school throughout an entire school year!

We provide assemblies and classroom workshops for a variety of writing units, from personal narratives to persuasive writing and more, throughout the year. We also provide family engagement workshops, professional development for teachers, and custom media. Contact us for more information!

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