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Send us your kids’ ideas about how our leaders can solve problems, and we’ll share our favorites on an upcoming Story Pirates podcast or social media channel.


The recent election has everyone talking, including kids.

It’s not always easy to know how to talk to kids about current events, so we want to share with you our ‘If I Were President’ worksheet (otherwise known as a graphic organizer) that we’ve been using in classrooms. With it, we’re hoping to give voice to kids’ ideas about how our leaders can solve problems.

Until the inauguration in January, we are going to be asking kids to come up with a problem that the President would have to solve (realistic or imaginary) and ask them how they would solve it if they were President.

Below, you’ll find a the downloadable worksheet, some examples from kids we’ve worked with and a description of how we introduce it when we use it in the classroom.  We’d like to give a special shout out to Bronx Charter School for the Arts for helping us develop this project.



Parents, share your kids’ ideas by posting your their worksheets to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #StoryPiratesIfIWerePresident

OR - you can send us your completed worksheets to and we’ll share our favorites in an upcoming Story Pirates podcast.



Here’s how we describe the project to kids in the classroom:

Presidents have to deal with lots of problems. HUGE problems. Problems that affect whole communities, whole countries, or even the entire world. And right now, the people who will be president in the future are, in fact…

(wait for it)...

KIDS. Some of the kids reading these words right now might even grow up to be the president! So it’s never too early for kids to start planning, and imagining: “how would I solve a huge problem if I were president?” Fortunately, we have a graphic organizer to help you think about this question.

How do you choose a problem? There are a couple of different ways:

You might choose a realistic problem that you know people in the world are dealing with right now.

On the other hand, the problems of the future might be so weird, nobody has even thought of them yet. You can use your imagination to come up with a crazy, unusual problem that has never actually happened...yet.

Then, no matter what the problem is, (whether it’s realistic, or completely from your imagination), we want you to find a creative way to solve it. You have permission to get weird: the presidents of the future will need to come up with new, unusual ideas that have never been tried before, so you might as well get started practicing now!

Here are some examples of problems and solutions that other kids have come up with:

“The air is contagious”. Sometimes there are a lot of people getting sick, and the president has to help deal with the problem. This kid decided that everyone should get a gas mask, to stop the germs from getting in!

“People are throwing avalanches off of buildings”. Wow! That’s a crazy one! What should the president do if people are throwing avalanches off of buildings? This kid thought the president should fly in and tell those people they’re not being nice. Direct, and to the point.


“Scary dragons spilling hot hot fiery coffee on people”. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! We knew the problems of the future might be scary, but did they have to be this terrifying?? What could the president possibly do to stop this? Well fear not! In the future, the president will be able to get fast eyeballs to beat up the dragon.

“People being racist”. This kid wanted to deal with a very realistic problem, but had a very unusual way to solve it: let everyone have dinner together! If everyone spent some time talking with people who looked different from them, maybe we’d all realize we had more in common than we thought.

We look forward to seeing what kinds of interesting problems and creative solutions you come up with!


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