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launch party

Starting off a successful school year just got a lot more exciting!


This fall, the Story Pirates are teleporting into classrooms via streaming video with a brand new program designed to help students and schools set meaningful goals for the year.

This 30-minute show features a team of Story Pirates who create a brand-new, improvised story based on suggestions from your students, as well as information provided by you. Before the show, our team will ask you for some basic information about your school, from behavioral and academic goals to the school colors, mascot, and the name of everyone’s favorite school secretary.  When the cast arrives on screen, they take live suggestions from the classroom and, along with our inside information, weave them together into a original, hilarious and memorable tale that teachers and students can refer back to all year long.  We even take time during the show to help your students brainstorm their own, individual goals for the year.

LAUNCH PARTY proves that setting goals for the classroom, telling stories, and illuminating the finer points of school culture can be hilarious, playful and interactive.

The Story Pirates are currently scheduling Launch Parties for classrooms outside of the NYC and Los Angeles metro areas for the week of September 25-29.