The Story Pirates Greatest Hits Show celebrates creative writing by students from coast to coast in a big, hilarious sketch comedy musical performed by professional actors and musicians. The performance is based entirely on stories written by elementary school students, and part of the show is made up on the spot by the kids in the audience! Called "crazy entertaining" by the Daily Show's Jon Stewart, Story Pirates will keep you doubled over laughing, all the while motivating kids to pick up a pencil and write from their own imaginations. Sketches run the gamut from kung fu ninja babies fighting crime to cats flying to tickle monsters who rule the world.


The Idea Storm assembly is a creative writing master class, a hilarious improv show, and a pep rally, all at once. Story Pirates teaching artists and performers take suggestions from the audience to create stories on the spot, while helping students identify key elements of composition and narrative structure, such as plot, character, obstacles and resolution. With an emphasis on creative problem solving and non-violent conflict resolution, the Idea Storm assembly leaves students with the tools to start writing and the excitement to let their imaginations take the lead.

Typically, the Idea Storm assembly is followed several weeks later by a New Story Show in which we return to the school to perform a raucous sketch comedy musical that incorporates and celebrates the writing done by students as a result of the Idea Storm!


Story Pirates believes that every child has a story to tell.  Whether it's a world where cats can fly or a rock opera about fuzzy alien tickle monsters, this sketch comedy musical is based entirely on stories by elementary schoolers! And at the Story Pirates New Story Show, you’ll see the world premiere of 4-5 sketches written by students at your school! Performed alongside a few of our greatest hits stories, watch the Story Pirates celebrate the words and ideas of your very own student authors. The New Story Show serves as the culminating performance of an Idea Storm or Play/Write program.


When the Story Pirates take the stage, you'll be amazed at what happens next... and so will the Story Pirates! That's because the 45-minute show they're performing has not been written!  These pirates can't sail and they won't make you walk the plank, but they will steal your kids' ideas and incorporate them on the spot into an interactive show that validates the imagination of every child in the audience. Kids have the opportunity both to write lines ahead of time and to speak up with their ideas at the show itself. Join the Story Pirates as they create a show before your eyes that's as crazy, hilarious and unexpected as kids themselves.  Laugh as your students invent monsters, dancing ninjas, superhero tomatoes - or any other idea they call out, and watch as Story Pirates bring their ideas to life.


In celebration of the release of the Story Pirates books, we’re visiting schools across the country with a free, limited-time presentation to help kids unlock the key to writing awesome stories! We think that kids have the best ideas, and in the Story Creation Zone assembly, we aim to inspire kids to bring their ideas to life.  This assembly features one or two Story Pirates who lead interactive games, followed by an audience-interactive reading from the latest Story Pirates’ book, and ending with a chance for the audience to come up with an amazing story of their own.  Ideal for smaller school settings, libraries, and bookstores.